Say NO to Dowry!

In a country where we need to empower and educate women, the troublesome tradition of dowry just takes us a couple dozen steps backwards.

Bad Blood: The Taboo about Menstruation

“It’s THAT time of the month”, “The ‘reds’, “Aunt Flo is visiting”! We have a zillion code words for menstruation because it’s taboo to talk about it openly. Err WHY? Let’s stop the stigma and discuss menstrual health!

Confession: I hate Chai

As the people around me chug down tea as if their lives depended on it, I’m genuinely perplexed why this watery, milky leaf gunk is such a national treasure.

10 Things That Happen At Convocation

It’s that time of the year again! Regardless which university you belong to or what you studied, chances are these 10 things have happened/will happen to you!

5 Weird Things about Rickshaws

Apart from the noise, creepiness and the Rickshaw wala’s blatant disregard for traffic rules, here are a few weird things about rickshaw rides.

Spoiler Alert!

So you just watched GoT and can’t wait to update a status about it. OMG that will be epic right?
If you do that, Spoiler Alert: You’re an asshole.

Mother Nature Hates Women

Dear Mother Nature,
I’m as thrilled as you are that I’m not pregnant but let’s calm the fuck down.