United for Healthier Kids Movement

United for Healthier Kids is a behaviour change movement by Nestle Pakistan for children aged 3-12 years, which aims to instil healthier habits in kids.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

With a heart filled with wanderlust and head brimming with dreams, she gazed at the world wondering where to go next.

Bad Blood: The Taboo about Menstruation

“It’s THAT time of the month”, “The ‘reds’, “Aunt Flo is visiting”! We have a zillion code words for menstruation because it’s taboo to talk about it openly. Err WHY? Let’s stop the stigma and discuss menstrual health!

Dalda’s #MothersOfPakistan Campaign Strikes an Emotional Chord

For the past 20-something years of my life, I’ve found the brand Dalda synonymous with motherhood. It’s not because the tagline “Jahan Maamta, wahan Dalda” kind of says it all; but because each one of their TVCs and campaigns manages to hit the right nodes, leaving you warm and fuzzy inside. Just like a mother…