7 signs your Mum is your BFF

I have zero shame in admitting that I consider my mother to be my life-long best friend. The mother daughter relationship is a special bond in itself based on unconditional love and respect but what makes it even better if you can become friends. So what makes her crème de le crème when it comes to friends? No one knows me better as she’s been there for it all; the first words, the first steps, the good years days and the bad. And now that I have gotten older it’s easy to see how much we have in common.

Since I know I can’t possibly be the only one with a super cool mother, here are 7 signs your mother is your BBF.

1. She’s your biggest support

Whether it’s a new job, some project at work or simply some run-of-the-mill high school drama, you know your mum is your constant source of support!

2. And your biggest critic

She might have your back in all things big and small, but the minute you’re being stupid she won’t be afraid to drop some brutal advice.

3. She knows you inside and out

She’ll read you like a book (annoyingly so at times) and you won’t need words to get your point across.

That oh-so-subtle look you give her at a dawat to say it’s time to go home

4. You share the same interests

While other kids complain about things like the generation gap, you can’t wait to get home to the FRIENDS marathon you have planned with your mother.

5.  She has all the answers

Whether it’s problems related to cultural norms, friends drama, boys, existentialist crises, or even religion, she has all the answers. And even when she doesn’t, she’ll lend an ear and help figure things out with you.

6. She’s the best secret keeper

My mother knows about every single conversation, scandal and gossip that happens within my social circle. It’s both amusing and stressful when she meets the friends she’s heard so much about.

The mum clause stops her from revealing all

7.  She’s taught you everything you know

She gave birth to you, helped you take your first steps, watched you learn and struggle with ABCs and then with puberty. Life-long friend? Check!

After a point, you realize that you’ve picked up on one or more of her personality traits and it only makes you a better person.

It’s a rare and lucky thing to be friends with your mum, so you can turn that typical mother-daughter relationship into one that screams BFF.

Eventually, you realize you’re becoming just like her, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. #ProudtoBeMyMum


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