Sparkistan – A Hero’s Journey

In a time where we’re ambushed by tragic stories of racism, sexism, xenophobia and religious discrimination, it’s easy to lose hope and sink into gloom. While it’s abundant that international media isn’t doing a good job portraying Pakistan in a positive light, the local media isn’t doing any better either. In a time like this where people need someone to look up to, someone to inspire them, to keep holding on and to keep going forward, Atlas Battery has come up with the Sparkistan initiative!

If you’re an active Twitter user in Pakistan, you’re bound to have come across #Sparkistan. An initiative that seeks to highlight the unsung heroes who have a spark within, and who motivate the nation with their determination, strength and amazing accomplishments.

Atlas Battery has travelled all over Pakistan to record and bring forth the stories of 15 extraordinary heroes. Here’s the Sparkistan Anthem that instantly gives everyone patriotic and positive feels.

Here are few heroes that you may not have heard about but should definitely know about!

Nazir Sabir


A man whose own brother & friends lost their lives in the mountains but he never lost determination. Nazir Sabir’s spark led him to the mountains and he spent his life climbing the highest peaks. He’s climbed K2 and Mount Everest, proving that a man’s determination and willpower can help him achieve anything he wants.

Aneeqa Bano


While many people view disabled children as a burden, Aneeqa Bano and Afzal Rasool started a school for special kids in order to provide them with opportunities in the future. This just goes to prove that every child deserves education, regardless of how they’re different from one another. People like Aneeqa who strive to make lives easier for special children, spread the much-needed positivity around!

Azima Zaidi


Who says a physical disability has to hold you back from your dreams? Azima Zaidi, a 21 year old girl is an exceptional artist who also happens to have a physical disability. Using prosthetic limbs, she’s achieved her dreams and proven that the only disability in life is a bad attitude.

Roma Sayyedian and siblings


The Sayyedain siblings are the perfect example of the potential that the upcoming generation in Pakistan possesses. These kids are the youngest Microsoft Certified professionals in the world who are using technology around them, not to waste time online but instead to achieve milestones many adults can only aspire to achieve. These are the youngest ethical hackers who’ve given cyber security trainings to the FIA making them role models for the entire world!

For your weekly dose of motivation, visit Atlas Battery’s Facebook page or check out the hashtag #Sparkistan on Twitter. Stay tuned for more heroes and stories that will inspire a spark within!


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