5 years back as I roamed around Tariq Road in the sweltering heat looking for a rickshaw back home, I would have laughed had someone told me that an app would make this ordeal easier.

Yet once Careem was introduced it revolutionised the transportation game. No more bribing your brother to drop you places, no more cancelling plans just because you don’t have your car at home and best of all, NO MORE RICKSHAW HAIR!

When you forget to carry a dupatta to cover your hair in a rickshaw

Careem has become a lifesaver for many as the service provides people in Pakistan with a safer, more comfortable and cheaper way to get around the city and removes all the hassle from the process.

But then like a clichéd plot twist in a Bollywood movie, the government decided to ban Careem and other cab services in Punjab and then in Karachi.



Apparently these services didn’t meet some requirements by the government so they decided to ban them altogether without considering how beneficial they are.


Taking a stupid decision like banning Careem doesn’t merely cut down the social life of many; it takes our country back a few years. While the world is embracing technology and living the digital life, our government wants us to walk down the street and haggle with rickshaw walas. Careem is not only a super convenient option, it makes travelling safer for women especially as we no longer have to consider the possibility of being stranded somewhere after dark because of no ride. And while a lot of people may say that Careem isn’t safe (rolling my eyes as I type this), atleast I can share my captain’s details with my family and have them track my ride. I’d like to see you do that with public transportation.

While the rumours of the ban circulated left and right, people took it upon themselves to express their outrage on Twitter and decided to #StandwithCareem

And nothing could damper Careem’s spiritsloooool

Once the ban was lifted and Careem was operational again, they decided to capitalise on the ban and use their tongue-in-cheek humour to create a brilliant campaign!


Showcasing how affordable they are, Careem came up with the tagline “Go Careem Go – Itni Saasti Savaree Nahi Chalegi.” While many other brands may have simply highlighted their features, Careem decided to troll the government while they were at it. SAVAGE AF!

Proving once again that when it comes to Marketing, you don’t want to mess with Careem.

giphy (3).gif



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