#GoodMorningWorld from Pakistan!

What gets you out of bed each morning? For some it’s the promise of adventure that each new day brings with itself. For others it’s the aroma of the first cup of tea that awaits them. And for some (like myself) it’s the hope that my first cup of coffee will be warm, frothy and give me the much-needed energy boost to get through the day.

This year to celebrate National Coffee Day, Nescafe’s audience took it upon themselves to share their coffee stories and pass a mug to spread the coffee love! It didn’t just make people realise that we’ve all a little crazy about coffee but also created a chain of happiness that broke all geographical boundaries.

The #GoodMorningWorld initiative picked up speed as the digital community in Pakistan joined hands to share the coffee love using creative videos, GIFs and memes. The global campaign included over 20,000 people and many well-known celebrities such as Ali Hamza and Ali Gul Pir also passed the mug forward in their own unique style!

The campaign by Nescafe just proved that coffee is the answer to most of life’s problems and perfect for every occasion. Whether it’s for a study session…

or to pair with pie and a perfect book…

or to cheer you up when it seems like nothing’s going your way…

or after a strenuous gym session…

or simply to pose with just because you have a new lip colour.

To learn more about what went down as Nescafe brought together coffee enthusiasts from all over the world to share coffee stories, follow #GoodMorningWorld and #Pakistan on Twitter. Now excuse me as I go search for inspiration at the bottom of my next mug of coffee.


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