Soneri Bank’s #SonehraPakistan

This Independence Day, while many brands talked about working towards a better Pakistan or discussed the element of patriotism, Soneri Bank partnered with WWF for a “Sonehra Pakistan”

The environmental drive took place on the 13th of August at Turtle Beach where the team from Soneri Bank made their efforts to preserve and restore the natural habitat. The objective was to educate the team and have them work towards the much needed preservation and protection of Mangroves the Ecosystem in Pakistan.

The day long activity had beach cleaning, Mangrove Plantation and a workshop that taught participants how the activities they were working for had a larger than life impact. One key fact which was new to me was that the plantation of Mangroves doesn’t only make our environment greener but also acts as a savior against floods.

They made sure that the team would be passionate about doing the tasks required by making all the actviities into a fun competition where the winners were commended. So the much-presumed-boring activity of beach cleaning quickly turned into a healthy competition where every team strived to pick up the most amount of trash on the beach. The compeititon not only pushed the team to work harder but also made the environment light and jovial.

This was another first step taken by Soneri Bank towards a cleaner environment; a step towards a #SonehraPakistan. It’s great to see brands that a step forward and work for the betterment of the environment and ecosystem. This eventful day certainly shows Soneri Bank’s commitment (as an organization) who is proactively working towards improving Pakistan.


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  1. wish 93 says:

    A great initiative. Pakistan needs more organizations like such…

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