Nostalgia Trip – Prepping up for the new class

Watching my siblings fret about the new school year brings back fond memories. It’s been a decade that I had to worry about school but I still remember that as the day drew closer, we would wake up ecstatic yet a little sad that summer is over. Some kids feel scared since the new year brings about new friends, new teachers and a whole new classroom. But thankfully these worries melt away and are eventually replaced with excitement as you prepare for the new class!School-books.jpg

Back in our day, we had to rush out all around town with our parents to get new course books, notebooks, cool stationery and trendy new school bags. Facing long lines at the uniform shop, running into our friends at odd places and being told that certain books are still unavailable. The stress that our parents had to go through was intense! Luckily now people have options like Yayvo Education E-store, which makes life a lot easier by making all these supplies available online.

Once everything is brought home, it’s time to prepare for the first day! My sister spends her last night of vacations talking to her friends and making plans. Reminds me of how I’d spend mine writing my name on new books and packing my school bag.

Finally it’s the first day and you just can’t wait to go to class and meet your friends. Cherish these moments because before you know it, time passes by and you’re just left with memories.


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