Things Every Kid should do on the first day of School

What a magical day it is, the first day at school. Meeting friends after months, meeting teachers, that fresh smell of books and that feeling of using your cool, better than everyone else’s stationery. All the excitement is of the first day and what will happen on that day. So, why not be prepared for it?

I used to be the cool kid in the class and the things I used to do, I turn that into advice for every kid to do. First of all, it is your first day of school, make sure you’re prepared for it. Sufficient sleep, healthy breakfast, clean uniforms, your cool stationary to flaunt (these kids nowadays can get it online from Education E-store, unlike us) and your attitude to impress.


Then, all kids on their first day should reconnect with friends they haven’t met and catch up with them. But, should also make friends with the new kids in the class. That’s what’s going to make your year all the more fun!

Another important thing you should do on your first day is to pack a good lunch. Do something nice for your mom and get this favour in return! Trust me you’ll bond with everyone over a lunch-box party! Try it!


The first day ends and feels like we’re back to school. Back to the never-ending gossips, games and punishments from the teachers you’ll never be able to forget. School days pass like a flash, so make the most of it. Enjoy the most but study a lot too because this is what you’ll remember your whole life.


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