Marham – The Revolution in Healthcare in Pakistan!

Imagine that someone close to you is in dire need of medical attention but you’re unable to book an appointment. The helplessness, the confusion, the anger of it all may lead many to curse their fate or drown in misery; but in the case of Ehsan Imam it motivated him to start Marham, an app that’s here to revolutionise healthcare in Pakistan!

It all started when Ehsan (Co-founder of Marham) was holding the phone stressed out, desperately trying to find a doctor for his father. But after many unsuccessful attempts he felt the pain and helplessness that millions around us feel every single day.

Ehsan looked back at his career that was filled with success and praise and realised that he wanted to contribute towards society and make a difference. He left his job in search of a higher calling and that’s when he started Marham.

In case you haven’t heard of Marham before, it’s a platform designed to help people find healthcare faster and more efficiently. Marham is an app available for web, iOs and Android through which users can:

  • Find a doctor near them relevant to a specific disease or speciality
  • Discuss confusions and topics with the Marham community on Facebook or the integrated web forum
  • Share the information of doctors with friends or family through SMS, Whatsapp or social networks
  • Help refine the database by requesting to add new data or reporting if any doctor’s information is incorrect

We’re all aware of how difficult it is to find good doctors in this day and age and even harder to know what their fee, timings and expertise is. But Marham makes it all easier as doctors can not only register themselves on the platform but people can also share their feedback which helps others in finding a suitable doctor for themselves.

“We are working on a lot of other much needed features currently which involve hospital services, labs for testing, rate comparison, symptom checker, blood donation and more; we need all the support we can get” – Ehsan Imam, Co-Founder Marham.

After the combined effort of the team behind Marham, the app came into existence which is a great way to find the right kind of doctor for your medical needs. The application is easy to use and lets you find a doctor according to your location and their specialisation, experience and fee. That makes healthcare a whole lot easier and hassle free!

Most of us rely on word of mouth and recommendations from people who’ve suffered from the same disease when it comes to picking doctors. Marham is a digital platform that lets you check reviews and ratings so you may make an informed decision about who you’re trusting when it comes to your treatment.

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Marham is available for download on the App Store and Google Play! If you stand with Marham and believe in the movement, download the application and help us digitally revolutionise healthcare in Pakistan. It’s your experiences that can help save lives!


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