Dalda’s #MothersOfPakistan Campaign Strikes an Emotional Chord

For the past 20-something years of my life, I’ve found the brand Dalda synonymous with motherhood. It’s not because the tagline “Jahan Maamta, wahan Dalda” kind of says it all; but because each one of their TVCs and campaigns manages to hit the right nodes, leaving you warm and fuzzy inside. Just like a mother does.

This Mother’s Day, while most brands focused on grand SALES that made the nation shop till they drop, Dalda strengthened its decade-long connection with motherhood. The brand came up with a 360 campaign to celebrate Mothers in Pakistan and managed to wow the entire nation.

The big Digital Idea was to highlight a mother’s love, her support and the impact she has on the lives around her by asking people to share inspiring stories about their moms. A dedicated social media community called Mothers of Pakistan was formed to be the hub of heart-warming stories that were coming from all over Pakistan.

Mothers of Pk.PNG

Go through the page to see the messages that are guaranteed to overwhelm you and make you go hug your mom!

The cherry on top of that whipped cream sundae of emotions was a TVC which focused on a mother’s unconditional love that hit us all right in the feels.

Let’s not forget the brand’s outdoor efforts which were commendable to say the least. Beautiful billboards were placed in 8 cities across Pakistan while a digital billboard in Karachi displayed the messages received via social media.



All things said and done, Mother’s Day is that time of the year where brands go crazy banking on the aspect of motherhood to sell their products. So it was nice to see a seasoned player like Dalda executing the campaign without shoving its product down your throat. And while the campaign may have been initiated for Mother’s Day 2016, Mothers of Pakistan is definitely here to stay! Dalda has managed to provide its consumers with a platform to send wishes for their mothers, once again strengthening its brand identity and decade-long connection with Motherhood.


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