10 Things That Happen At Convocation

It’s that time of the year again where students go back to their universities for the convocation ceremonies. Although convocations are an emotional and vital milestone in the life of every student, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all!

Here’s a look at a few of the things that happen at every one of these shindigs:

 1. You Won’t Recognize Most of The People There

Seriously though, did you even go to the same university? Who are all these people?


2. You’ll Take a Lot of Selfies

Let’s be realistic. This is probably the last time you’ll see your entire class together. And you do look cute AF in that gown. Make sure you take a lot of pictures!


3. You’ll Bump Into People You hate Don’t Like

Oh hiiii, how are youu? Let’s pretend to be civilized adults, even though we both want to kill each other.anigif_enhanced-buzz-24606-1423627178-28

4. The Never-ending Waiting

Sitting around all day waiting for your name to be called . Worst thing, you’re expected to maintain decorum and not talk. Yaar just hand me my degree already!


5. Someone Will Trip

Tripping in front of a hundred students and parents? Très embarassing.


If you’re a klutz like me, there’s a massive chance it’s going to be you. So concentrate extra hard on walking off stage with as much dignity as you can muster.

6. Someone’s Name Will Be Mispronounced

It’s inevitable. Unless you have a simple and common name, it’s going to get butchered in front of a hundred people. 4 years in this place and they still can’t manage to pronounce it the right way.


Just try not to get into a fistfight on stage when it happens..

7. There Will Be Tears

Whether it’s parents or students, they’re bound to get overwhelmed at some point and unleash the waterworks.


8. You Might Feel Sad That It’s Over

No matter whether you enjoyed your time in university or not, it might hit you that this is it. It’s the official end to those 4 years of study sessions, skipping classes, group projects, registration stress, and cramming before exams.


9. But Hey, Better Things Are Coming

You survived! The rest of your life lies ahead and you’ll never have to attend another boring lecture again!


10. The Best Part: You finally get to do this!

Since I never got my Hogwarts letter, this will do.



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