Book Review: Wife 22

You know one of those cute chick-lits that make you laugh-out-loud, feel warm n’ fuzzy inside and leave you wanting more? This was not it.

The title made me think this was a book about polygamy. And to be honest, that would have been much better!

Thanks to the misleading reviews I was hoping for something a little Bridget Jone’s Diary-ish but ended up with this colossal disappointment of a book. While the whole e-romance aspect may have grabbed my attention, halfway through Wife 22 I was frantically searching for a likeable character and some Panadol!

The protagonist is Alice, a middle aged mum/wife/teacher clearly going through a mid-life crisis as she struggles to cope with her marriage of 20 years and 2 kids. Alice is a messy, awkward, and funny woman, which are all perfect ingredients for any chick lit’s leading lady. But these ingredients are basically a recipe for disaster as you’re going to want to slap her within the first few chapters. She’s wimpy, selfish, egoistic, and checks her Facebook page wayyyy too much. Her husband is increasingly abhorrent but somehow at the end of the book, we’re supposed to like him again. O-kay.

Brace yourself as this selfish excuse of a person Alice makes you wonder if all marriages are doomed from the start and whether your significant other would have an e-romance if they could get away with it.

What the book tried so desperately to communicate was that after 20 years of marriage it’s easy to lose the spark and go from lovers to room-mates as life throws you a new one at each turn. Also, um… pay more attention to your family and not to your Facebook profiles maybe? While the message may have been relatable, the nauseating protagonist and confusing format of the book makes the experience not worth it.

Whoever’s comparing this to Bridget Jone’s Diary is clearly high or delusional. Or maybe this was some elaborate scheme to get people to read this book by some poor guy who got suckered into reading it as well.


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