5 Weird Things about Rickshaws

So ever since I’ve started travelling solo, I’ve been told to travel in rickshaws rather than taxis since rickshaws are safer. How? Well… They don’t have doors so you can just jump out in case the Rickshaw Wala (RW) is a crazy psycho killer. HAHA considering how much a broken nail hurts, I don’t think I’ll be jumping out of rickshaws any time soon mom!

Don’t get me wrong, I love love love how rickshaws are a quick, cheap + convenient way to travel and I end up using them ALL the time. But there are still some weird things you’ll experience if you’re travelling in a rickshaw.

The Mirror Manoeuvre

Whether you’re travelling solo or with people, you’ll find your RW subtly checking you out. Luckily for him there are like a zillion mirrors that can adjusted for the purpose of staring at your chest.

The Petrol Bottle (of doom)

Am I the only one who’s constantly freaking out that there’s a plastic bottle full of petrol with a pipe in it right in front of me? I’ve seen way too many action movies and I usually spend the entire ride scared that this will cause a massive explosion that will melt my face off, cutting my uneventful life short.

The Hair Disaster

I have bangs which means that wind and I don’t exactly get along. Any time I sit in a rickshaw, it looks like a tornado hit Karachi and the only casualty was my hair. So whenever I’m travelling, I hold on to my hair for dear life, which usually results in the following interaction:

RW: Baaji aap k sar mein dard hai? (Do you have a headache, sister?)
ME: Nai meray baal kharab hojayengay (No my hair’s going to get messed up)

Bhool-Bhulaiya (1)

The Rollercoaster

The roads of Karachi are far from smooth with the constant ditches and puddles, and frankly I’m convinced that the RWs aim for the speed bumpers. As a result I’m dizzy and slightly disoriented when I reach my destination, with internal organs that may or may not resemble scrambled eggs.

The Judgemental Audience

As if it wasn’t bad enough that your creepy rickshaw wala will most probably have an eye on you, the people on the road make it a point to stare as well. Aunties with their judgemental glares Aye haye besharam larki with no dupatta and uncles who lean forward to catch a glance at your not-so-pyaari shakal and bad hair.

But hey, if you ignore the noise, the creepiness and your RW’s blatant disregard for traffic rules, rickshaws are a pretty damn convenient way to travel! Just keep a dupatta handy so you can cover your hair to avoid looking like a not-so-hot-mess.


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  1. Haha, I never thought there would be so many issues with rickshaws, never having travelled in one myself. Good to know! And, congratulations on completing the Blogging 101 class! (We’re supposed to congratulate each other now, apparently.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. shamilahr says:

      It’s an interesting experience to say the least! 🙂
      Thank you so much. And thanks for the headsup! I’ll get right to it 😉


  2. agile billa says:

    Ahaan…. nice nice n nice . There is a person in ma Life who alwys compliant Rickshaw Ride…whenever She travels in it… Lol
    I will let you knw those issues as well… hope they will helpful too… 🙂


    1. shamilahr says:

      Perfect. Please do 🙂


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