Spoiler Alert!

So you just watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones and you can’t wait to go update a status on Facebook about who died right? Haha, that would be hilarious! Imagine the rage of all your friends who you’ll ruin the show for. They’ll probably get mad and over react. So funny!

Well, if that’s you then, Spoiler Alert: You’re an asshole.


So I’m going to rant about spoilers. I wish I could say this isn’t about anyone in particular. But this is for all you lovely people out there who feel the need to tell everyone what happens in any show, the minute they watch the episode. I love you guys, but go jump off a cliff.

See, you may say that it’s just a show and that fans should calm down. There’s always someone who’d say If you don’t like spoilers stay off social media. Well, that may sound fair but doesn’t change the fact that spoilers are inconsiderate, and pretty much a dick-move. I get it. You want to talk about the show you just watched. And you’re free to discuss what happened on your social media. But y u do dis?

Sean Bean, Ned Stark, Spoilers Listen to the dude who dies in every show or movie he’s in

There’s a reason why the episode doesn’t start off with a summary about who dies, gets married, runs away, gets abducted by aliens or gets his dick chopped off. A show builds the story up to a climax. And you telling me what happens is basically like telling me the punch line without hearing the joke. Spoilers give away the ending before stories begin, and thus suspense goes out the window and it impairs enjoyment. The excitement and the thrill of finding out what happens, is no longer there. The audience is there for the story-telling, while you have managed to ruin their experience.

The other thing is, I don’t get what you’re getting out of ruining the experience for everyone else. If it’s for people who already watched the show, they already know. They aren’t going anywhere. How about you wait a day and then talk about it? As for people who haven’t watched it, now you just ruined it for them. What did you get out of that? you attention-whore

Maybe you’re just doing it to be a troll and to make people angry. If that’s the case then TAKE A HARD LOOK AT YOURSELF. It’s not fun to ruin an experience for someone. If you feel good by making others feel worse, then you aren’t really a nice person.

Research shows that the main reason people give spoilers is to show off. Some people just enjoy being know-it-alls. The dude who conducted the study explains that knowing a plot twist or how the story moves forward, gives people an ‘insider status’ and a rush that’s similar to knowing a secret. They know something special and the only way to lord it over the heads of others is by telling it to people, regardless of the effect it has on them.

On a related note, research shows that every time you give a spoiler, a puppy dies. Stop killing puppies!

Bottom-line is: I know you’re excited about watching the show and finding out stuff that other people don’t know. But hey, inconsiderate is inconsiderate, and not funny. If someone doesn’t want to know what happens, respect that and don’t go out of your way to be a dick. Okay? Okay.


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