Say Hello to my InnerGlow

s e p t e m b e r  -  r e d m a r k  p a

Haven’t you gotten tired of hearing your entire life that fair is good and dusky is… well, not.  Subtle reminders by odd relatives around you who want a gori bahu, the never-ending advertisements of creams promising instant fairness and cringe-worthy statements like gora hoga Pakistan.

Amidst the irrational obsession with becoming fairest of them all, Pond’s brings a refreshing perspective to the table by focusing on InnerGlow. The brand recently reintroduced its White Beauty Cream and Face wash, and while the name might raise a few eyebrows, the product itself makes you realize that beauty is not skin deep.

There’s nothing I find more irritating than people who use a ton of products on their skin only to make it lighter. The concept that a girl needs to be a doctor, ridiculously fair or a whiz in the kitchen to get rishta’d is appalling to say the least. Hence the mere mention of fairness creams makes me burst into a rant about the standard of beauty set by our media.

But then I happened to attended the Pond’s bloggers’ meet on the 20th of May where they launched the White Beauty range. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised by how they’re breaking the stereotype and redefining the standard of beauty for women. The Digital campaign that revolved around the concept of unblocking your innerglow highlighted that beauty is more than your skin colour and girls everywhere should just feel comfortable in their skin.

So the event was spectacular, and to quote Rachel Green “So pretty I want to cry”. There was pink everywhere! And the fact that it was on a Wednesday made me have newfound appreciation for Mean Girls.

Pond’s walon, please plan my wedding.

It started off with Rabia Abdullah, the Assistant Brand Manager of Pond’s Pakistan telling us how Pond’s is all about making women feel good about themselves.

 “Good skin is not just about fair complexion but also about freshness and the glow. The GenWhite technology is part of our ongoing efforts to contribute towards Pakistani women looking good, feeling good and getting the most out of their lives.”

Coming to the best part, the food! Words cannot express how flawless the food was. I didn’t know whether to look at it or eat it!  I had half a mind to marry the cupcakes, have tiny delicious cupcake babies and then eat the whole fam.

Heartiest congratulations to Pond’s Pakistan and of course, the lovely Adeeqa Nazir Lalwani and team for pulling off this event so flawlessly. As someone who doesn’t bother moisturizing, sleeps with her makeup on and can’t spell exfloia exfoliate without spell-check, the event made me realize the importance of taking care of my skin. It’s been a week of using White range and I highly recommend it to all the girls out there.

Apni shakal pe noor chahiye toh please White Beauty ka istimaal karein. Shukriya.

So, rather than chasing after the dream of being the fairest, how about we focus on having a skin that’s healthy and fresh?

Confidence is beautiful. Strength is beautiful. Being true to yourself is beautiful.

Here’s to hoping other brands take note of this initiative by Ponds and start promoting the right image of beauty.


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