Book Review: Invisible Ties

This book is messy, complicated and bitter sweet which will make you think about the relationships around you.

Clazona BB Plus Review

where’s my moisturizer @
In all this winter madness, and for the sake of looking like a normal human being at work, I decided to try Clazona BB Cream for a couple of weeks.

Book Review: The Other Half of Happiness

If you’re looking for a Muslim version of Bridget Jones’s diary with an overbearing mum who means well, lots of laugh out loud moments, Bollywood worthy drama, a filthy smoking habit, and an obsession with biscuits; give this book a read.

7 signs your Mum is your BFF

Since I know I can’t possibly be the only one with a super cool mother, here are 7 signs your mother is your BBF. #ProudtoBeMyMum

Sparkistan – A Hero’s Journey

In a time like this where people need someone to look up to, someone to inspire them, to keep holding on and to keep going forward, Atlas Battery has come up with the Sparkistan initiative!


When it comes to savage marketing, there’s a new boss in town! Here’s a brief recap of how the Careem ban went down.

#GoodMorningWorld from Pakistan!

This year to celebrate National Coffee Day, Nescafe’s audience took it upon themselves to share their coffee stories and pass a mug to spread the coffee love! #GoodMorningWorld